Your Hen Party; a brilliant excuse to get as drunk as possible, right? Well why limit yourself to simply drinking the booze when you can eat it as well?! In between all the shots and glasses of bubbly, it would only be sensible to line your stomach with, say, a gin and tonic cupcake. Read on for our roundup of treats you can sneak a shot into…

(Whilst all the ideas are simple, you’ll probably┬áneed a bit of cookery know-how in order to avoid any pinterest fail style mishaps!)


Jelly Shots

When you lurk on pinterest as much as we do, gazing at hen party inspo, you notice some things that the Americans do differently. Something that pops up time and time again at the mention of the word ‘party’ is Jello-O shots. These are basically alcoholic jellies (!), either set in trays and sliced, or into fruit and cut into wedges. You can go classy with champagne and glitter, or down and dirty with vodka, sours and food colouring. We think it’s high time we try this over here in good old Blighty. Pass the Pimms, someone.



Get the recipe here

Fudge and Truffles

Naughty but nice sweets! Buy these from posh chocolate shops rather than the supermarket as a treat for the bride-to-be (or your bridesmaids). Or, if you fancy it, have a go at making some with her favourite tipple; how about vodka and chilli truffles for a fiery character, or pink champagne and rose for your sweetest friend. It’s a small but thoughtful gift to bring along, plus you get to humble-brag about your kitchen skills. Look to the internet for ideas – most recipes are surprisingly easy. The fudge in the picture can be made in the microwave!


Ice Lollies

The most refreshing way to get tipsy. Mix up your drinks, freeze in moulds with sticks and you’re ready to go! The only thing to remember is that too much alcohol will mean your concoction won’t freeze, so keep the alcohol content below 20%. What that means is for every 250ml of liquid (usually fresh fruit juice), add no more than 50ml (2 shots) of booze. How about orange & tequila, prosecco & strawberry (topped up with sprite), or blueberry mojito. We’re drooling already…


Cosmopolitan Cupcakes – recipe here


Ah, the cupcake. So trendy in 2013, and now everyone is tired of you. But whilst the frosted confection may have had an abrupt fall from grace it is still the easiest food to sneak alcohol into. Any booze in the cake will give a subtle background flavour, but it’s the icing where things get interesting. If you’re a bit of a kitchen novice then just add a splash of your favourite tipple to the icing. Peach schnapps, anyone? For extra points add chopped fruit to dress it up; how about a lemon wedge on top of a gin-flavoured cake The more culinarily gifted amongst you might want to push the boat out with some of the trickier recipes available on the internet involving syrups, glazes and proper cocktails. Strawberry margarita, mojito, pimms, chocolate kahlua – the possibilities are endless.

4 Ways to Add Booze to your Hen Party Food