Let’s not beat around the bush, organising a hen party can be a difficult thing to do. Unless you have a career in events or make like Jane from the film 27 Dresses, it can be pretty hard to organise everything and everyone on time and on budget. BUT they can also be really fun, a great way to get together with the girls and meet some new people before the wedding. They’re also a brilliant opportunity to do something you’ve never done before (who knows, pottery making might be your secret talent!). Here at Spicy Hen, we’ve even come across groups that have had such a good time together they’ve decided to plan a reunion and relive the experience again!

There are three common aims when planning a hen do. First and foremost you want to make sure you know your bride and what she would enjoy. Every bride is unique, some brides are super girlie girls that might enjoy a Cinderella themed party with pink everywhere, some brides are party girls and enjoy a night out and others are really adventurous and might want to go skydiving. As long as you can get together and have a good time doing something that everyone will enjoy, (hint: your great aunt Muriel might not enjoy the skydiving), then you’re onto a winner. Secondly, you want to make sure you’re celebrating your bride in all her glory, let her know it’s her party and you’re there for her. This can come from the simplest of things like a bride-to-be sash or even just making the effort to make sure she’s comfortable and happy throughout the day. Finally, make it fun! This is a party!


Ultimately, the aim is to make sure the bride-to-be is a happy hen, and there are a few tips and tricks to make sure she’s having a great time. We decided to bring together what we’ve learnt throughout our time in the hen party events world and give you our three best tips and tricks, plus a free budget worksheet!


So without further ado, these are our tips to make sure you’re doing something fun for all and something special for the bride so she can celebrate her soon-to-be married status.

If your hen has travelled a lot, making friends from all over the world then bringing them all together might be a bit tricky, but if there is a core group of friends all based in the same area, it can be a great idea to keep it local. Hen dos aren’t a competition so don’t try to make this hen the biggest and brightest hen do that ever was because it’s highly likely that that won’t be what your bride wants. There are loads of benefits to keeping it local, firstly you won’t have to deal with that one friend that gets car sick. HUGE benefit right there. Staying local can also mean it doesn’t become a whole weekend deal. Some of your party guests won’t be able to stay the whole weekend somewhere, especially If they have children or demanding careers or both! So keeping it local and sticking to the FONO (For One Night Only) rule, you ensure that all of your guests can stay for the whole party and you aren’t wasting valuable fun time on the journey there.

There is a recent hen party trend where people are spending more and more on the hen do, some might call it henflation, but it’s always worth remembering that a party should be affordable for all. Your bride will know everyone and what they are likely to be willing to spend. You don’t want anyone to be feeling the pinch for the hen do, they might be saving for their own wedding! If guests are worrying about money matters they’re unlikely to be having the most fun possible, which is what we want. If you want to go all out and get matching outfits and go to Ibiza then go for it, but if that isn’t your deal then you can easily save money by not getting that pink cowboy hat. Remember that the best nights out aren’t always the most expensive ones. Plan wisely, dare to be a little different and you can create something truly special that doesn’t cost the earth. We’ve made a handy budget spreadsheet so you can keep track.

Last minute deals can be a really good way to get a cheaper holiday deal, but if you’re not planning on going away for your hen do, the aim is to always book early. The hen party industry thrives on early bookings, which is when you’ll get the best deals. This will also mean you’re all sorted way in advance so you don’t have to worry about planning it the weekend before as you’ll already be sitting back, relaxing and planning your first cocktail knowing everything is already done and dusted. Booking well ahead of time also gives hens more time to put pennies to one side and save up well ahead of the event. If there’s a large group of you, call upon the hen with the best negotiating skills to do your bookings. Hotels and restaurants will often do deals for a group booking as long as you can guarantee a certain number of guests (so make sure you have your RSVPs first!), and bars and clubs might be willing to offer a free round of drinks for a hen party. If you don’t ask you definitely won’t get!

Budgeting for a Hen Party: The 3 tips no one is using! + free budget worksheet