Are your hens feeling a little cash strapped? Whilst your hen party should be your last big send off into wedded bliss, it’s going to be no fun at all if your friends resent you for bankrupting them! We have a few ideas for ways to cut the costs of your hen party…


Prepare to party like a student and start the night at home. Drinking before you go out either at home or in your hotel room is a great way to save money (no overpriced cocktails!) and has the added bonus of helping all the hens get to know one another before you hit the clubs and shake your tail feathers. Pop open the champagne or even have a go at mixing up your own cocktails, and get the party started in style!

Spa Special

Thinking of heading to a spa for a day of fluffy white robes and pan pipe music? Instead of booking expensive treatments why not go for a simple pedicure? That way everyone (and their wallets!) feels pampered, and you can have a chat without being covered head to toe in mud. If you really need to pinch those pennies then another option might be a DIY spa at home. Buy some face masks, cut cucumber slices to put on your eyes and play some relaxing music, all accompanied by bottles of bubbly, of course!


If there’s a large group of you, call upon the hen with the best negotiating skills to do your bookings. Hotels and restaurants will often do deals for a group booking as long as you can guarantee a certain number of guests (so make sure you have your RSVPs first!), and bars and clubs might be willing to offer a free round of drinks for a hen party. If you don’t ask you definitely won’t get!

Gift giving

If you’re giving the bride a present consider asking everyone to contribute to one big one rather than buying separate, smaller gifts. That way you can get her something more spectacular that you know she’ll love. If you really need to cut the costs, but would still like to give your friend something special, why not ask all the hens to find a photo of them and the bride. Stick them all into an album and write a sweet comment next to each photo and voila!


If it’s a hen party weekend you’re hosting, scheduling in time simply for relaxing is a must. Not only does it slow down the pace of the party, meaning you’re not rushing constantly from one activity to another, it gives the group of ladies time to get to know one another. So if you’re headed out partying in the evening, how about a low-key picnic in the afternoon? Pack some food, magazines and maybe a frisbee and head to the most picturesque spot near you. Or if you have a day packed full of activities spend a chilled out evening in your PJs, watching movies and eating popcorn. Your hens will thank you!

Cutting the Cost of your Hen Party
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