You’re planning the ultimate hen do. You’ve chosen your place, your time and your activities. Everyone is on board, so you can relax now, right? Sort of. You’ve got the basics sorted, and that’s great, but there are loads of tiny details that can make or break a hen do. It’s time to embrace your inner Monica Geller and get into the nitty gritty of organising a hen party. We’re here to help, with some suggestions of things that you may not have considered.


Baby on Board

Is one of the party pregnant? If so, the things you have to consider go way beyond ‘what a shame Karen can’t get drunk with us all!’. Certain foods are off limits, as are some essential oils (this can be a problem if you’re going to a spa). Movement can be a problem in the later stages of pregnancy, so make sure you have a plan for getting your guests to places (more on this later). The best thing to do is always check with the mama-to-be well in advance of the hen party.


Food for Thought

If you’re having dinner together it’s a really good idea to check beforehand if anyone has any dietary requirements or allergies. Restaurants can usually easily cater for this, so long as they know well in advance. You don’t want to have booked an all you can eat meat feast only to find out the groom’s sister is a vegan!


Bright Lights, Big City

Getting away for the hen do can be all part of the excitement. A brand new city to explore, where there’s no one who knows you to judge your wild night out! However this comes with some challenges, namely getting a group of slightly (ahem) tipsy ladies around an unfamiliar place, probably in the dark. Booking taxis or a minibus ahead of time will save a lot of stress on the night, and will reduce the chance of losing anyone on the way (you’d be surprised how often this happens!). Factor it into your budget and all the hens will be thanking you on the night! If you’re planning on shopping or exploring on foot during the daytime, make sure you have a map of the city and maybe research walking times and distances if you’re on a strict schedule.


Packing, Packing

It’s easier to pack when you know what you’ll need! Things like checking beforehand whether your accommodation provides towels or not can really help things run smoothly. Going to a spa? Does it provide slippers for walking around in, and will you need to take a swimming costume?


Breaking the Ice

Chances are some of the hens don’t know each other well, if at all. It’s a good idea to plan a couple of games to help break the ice. These can be as tame as a ‘who said what’ or as silly as ‘pin the cucumber on the hunk’ – daft games plus a couple of bottles of wine and you’ll all be giggling like you’ve known each other for years.


It’s all in the Details

The hen party is a celebration of the bride to be; all her favourite (lady) friends should be there and the whole event should be about her! To make it even more special include little personalised touches – everything from getting her favourite song played at the club to making an album of old photos, or decorating the hen party house with bunting and streamers in her favourite colours. Ask all of the hens for ideas of little extras like these, then set them in motion!


The Morning After

You’ll more than likely be hungover, but it might be an idea to organise something for the morning after. We’re not talking an intense paintballing session, more a relaxed late brunch. This way the hen party ends on a high with everyone reminiscing over the night before, rather than just drifting off with hangovers and not seeing each other until the wedding.


If you’re asking yourself what the point of all this detailed planning is; the reward will be a hen party that seems to run itself! You can sit back and enjoy yourself in the knowledge that you’ve already thought of every last detail. Now, pass the champagne!


Hen Party Planning: The Nitty Gritty
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