So you’re a bit nervous about your fiancé’s stag do? We’ve all seen The Hangover (and it’s sequels); a simple strip club seems like the least of your worries when there’s tattoos, tigers, Vegas weddings, drugs and lost babies to think about. Don’t freak out, we’ve got you covered with some simple suggestions to survive your fiancé’s Stag Party…


  • The first thing to remember is that whilst TV shows and films have popularised this image of the ultimate bender, most stag parties are actually much more low key. Yes, it’s likely everyone will end up pretty drunk, but what was it your were planning on doing for your hen do again…? If you’re really worried, just ask your partner what he’s doing for his stag do. Many modern stags choose action sports and activities over a bar crawl, so chances are he’s off for an exhausting day of paint-balling, or simply going camping with his best friends, to be followed by a few pints in the pub.
  • This leads us onto our second tip; communicate! You’re meant to be spending the rest of your lives together, the least you can do is talk to each other about your feelings. Just remember there’s a difference between saying “The thought of you hiring a stripper makes me unhappy” and “Don’t you dare go to a strip club!” In a nutshell; stick to telling him how you feel, not how you want to act. Your partner wants you to be happy, and will most likely respect your feelings.
  • Point three is ‘don’t nag’. You’ve (hopefully) talked it over, now the thing to do is leave him be. Let him go out and have a fun night with his friends without worrying about what you’re going to say when he gets home. You don’t want to make him resent you by trying to control what he does, and by now you should trust him enough not to pester.
  • What should you do while he’s out having fun? Well what you absolutely shouldn’t is sit at home, fretting and constantly checking Facebook and Snapchat for any pictures of the evening. If possible, organise your hen do for the same night; that way you are both distracted, and can share hangovers the next day. If you can’t manage that then at least have a friend or two over for pizza and films.
  • When he gets home don’t instantly bombard him with questions – chances are he’s tired and hungover! Ask him if he enjoyed himself, then leave it at that until he wants to talk about it (if he does at all).
  • Finally remember that the above all applies when you go out too! Your partner might be a bit nervous about your night on the tiles, so be sure to talk about your hen party when discussing the stag do. Key things to agree on include; whether you text each other during the night or not (we say not – you’re meant to be cutting loose one last time!); your concerns and ideal limits (e.g. strippers – yay or nay); whether you divulge all the details afterwards or want to keep your ‘last night of freedom’ to yourselves.

And above all, make sure both of you have fun!

How to Survive his Stag Party
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