It’s okay, calm down, have a seat, take a big breath! If you are not used to speaking in public or in front of a large audience, this may take some planning. Read on for some great tips about how to give a great speech.

Start early by collecting thoughts, ideas and facts about the happy couple. Make simple notes at least a few weeks before the wedding day and jot down a couple of memories which it might be good to talk about.

Maid Of Honour Speech Template


1. Introduce yourself for the guests who don’t know.

2. Thank your friend for asking you to be a part of her wedding.

3. How long have you known the bride and groom?


4. How did the two of them meet?

5. What did you think when they met and then got engaged? Remember! Be tasteful! After all, she is your best friend!

6. Make sure that you come up with some funny stories about the Bride & Groom! Remember, Long-wind and boring speeches kill the wedding atmosphere!

7. Can you come up with a hilarious anecdote based on a real life situation?

8. Remember: Keep it short! Stick to one funny story!


9. Start with a famous quote about marriage, love or the future. Relate a short poem to the couple. People always like these! But remember, don’t be too emotional! You don’t want to make the wedding crowd cry!


10. Wish the bride and groom a long and happy life at the end of your speech!

11. Express your love and best wishes from the wedding guests for the future.

12. Raise the glass and toast the bride and groom!

And finally read our tips that you would like to avoid in your Maid of honour speech.

  • Don’t drink too much beforehand!
  • Don’t talk about yourself!
  • Don’t list their qualities.
  • Don’t mention any previous marriages or old boyfriends.
  • Keep it short and light!
  • Avoid distasteful or sex jokes – they can easily be taken the wrong way.
  • Do not be cheesy.
  • Don’t come up with negative or depressing speech topics.

Finally,  good luck in writing and delivering your maid of honour speech!

How to write a Maid of Honour Speech