Browsing through Pinterest, you’re bound to find weird and wonderful wedding ideas and one of our faves to browse through are Non-Traditional Wedding Cakes, so much so, we have our own dedicated board to them!

After a quick vote round Spicy Hen HQ we managed to narrow down our top 5 favourite Non-Traditional Wedding Cakes:


The Cheesecake

For those who detest the humble sponge cake, the cheesecake is fast becoming alternative choice for couples. Topped with fresh fruit & strawberries, there’s nothing quite like a delicious creamy cheesecake washed down with a glass of bubbly.


An actual Cheese ‘Cake’

We’re not sure if this classifies as a cake or not, it looks pretty, probably doesn’t smell as good as vanilla frosting but hey. There are only a select few of us in the office that can appreciate a fine, aged cheese and a glass of red. But the rest of us, well, pass the red velvet.PicMonkey Collage


The Donut Selection

Ahh, the sweet smell of donuts.  We don’t have much to say about this other than, yes please. We’ll take three.



The sophisticated Macaron Tower

These French sweet meringue-based confections are fast becoming the sophisticated ladies nibble of choice. And we ain’t complaining! Although ridiculously expensive, they are oh so tasty, plus THEY LOOK SO PRETTY!

macaron cake


The Cookie ‘Cake’

Another ‘Cake’ that’s not a cake… But we love it all the same. Waiter, Pass us the milk. *dunks*

cookie wedding cake


Which is your favourite Non-Traditional Wedding Cake?

Non-Traditional Wedding Cakes