The British summer is famously rainy, but occasionally we get a scorching day, prompting the weatherman to say we’re having an “Indian summer”. If you’ve planned or been invited to a wedding with the image of sunny blues skies in mind and the weather god obliges, you will need to think of your makeup. This is the second part of a series that we’re calling Wedding Makeup 101, so if you would like to check out our last blog on preparation the night before, then head on over and check it out. But for now, we’re talking about the first step after your normal morning preparation, SPF.

Staying safe in the sun is so important and is one of the best ways to protect your skin against ageing, skin cancer and other skin diseases. SPF comes in many different forms and it can be confusing! Here in Britain we’re lucky that we have chemical suncreams, opposed to in America, where, because of certain health laws that mean years more testing is involved, they have to use physical blocks, which can leave that awkward white cast! So stay tuned if you want the lowdown on the different SPF options for the big day.

1. Moisturiser or foundation with added SPF

This can be the easiest option when it comes to incorporating SPF. You may even be protected every day without realising (which is excellent!). When choosing your makeup for the big day and you think your makeup or moisturiser has SPF in it, why not take a photograph of yourself with flash on to check that there is no flashback. If there is, why not try a foundation without SPF or set your makeup with a loose colour pigmented powder, which will help to reduce the flashback.

2. Using a separate SPF after your moisturiser

Sure, this adds an extra step, but if your makeup doesn’t already include sunblock, this can have some serious benefits. Firstly, allows more flexibility to have the protection you want, as most SPFs incorporated within makeup will be quite low, often around 15-20, which likely won’t be enough to protect those with more sensitive skin or those using a products with Retinol. This also won’t limit which foundation or moisturiser you use, meaning that if you’ve found that product that really suits your skin, there’s no need to panic about finding another. Again, if you’re worried about flashback, try the trick with pigmented loose powder to make sure your makeup stays on point!

3. Top-up spray

These are great for if you’ve applied sunscreen already, through one of the methods above and want to top up your SPF throughout the day. You could use this as the only sunscreen you wear but it will be a very fine mist and therefore it may be difficult to judge how much you’re putting on and, in turn, how protected you are. These are perfect as weddings can be long affairs and you may need a refreshing mist to make you feel cooler and to protect your skin from those harmful rays!

If you have a favourite sunscreen that you use let us know in the comments below!

Wedding Makeup 101- SPF
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