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Tips from the Queen of Burlesque

The important thing to remember is to stay within your confidence levels. If you’re not the most confident person when it comes to taking off your clothes, then maybe a career in burlesque isn’t the way to go. That doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with your man, your friends or even on your own! Dita Von Teese has shared her tips on how to perform the perfect burlesque.


1. Lighting

Her number one tip is to get the lighting right. If you have a dimmer switch, now is the time to make use of it! Candles are also an option though this can be a bit dangerous if you start flinging lingerie around. Experiment, get your kit on and practice taking it off again, find out what lighting make you feel most sexy.

2. The Right Lingerie

Black lace lingerie suits everyone. Find a set from a brand that are made to last, something that fits well, pushes you up where you want, flatters your shape and is in the right size. A garter belt with stockings can be really flattering and can be a great way to cover up any areas you’re self-conscious about. Von Teese recommends to wear them in the French style with the thong or brief over the garter belt.

3. Music

Find some music that you like that really sets the tone, it doesn’t have to be vintage. When you’re performing for someone specific it’s all about individuality, there are no rules!

4.  Fragrance

Von Teese follows Coco Chanel’s advice to apply your fragrance where you wish to be kissed. Start at the wrists then move on to the neck, behind the ears, base of the spine, back of the knees, and inner thigh. She also notes that sometimes she will moisten her hairbrush and sweep it lightly through the hair to freshen up her ‘do.

5. Makeup

Dita Von Teese is famed for her black feline flick and red lips. To perfect these she recommends that practice makes perfect. She also says to accept the first eye and try to make it symmetrical from there. Using a hand mirror can also be very helpful to take in different angels, but know when to step away! The saying “sisters not twins” can be applied to eyeliner as well as eyebrows!

Above all, she emphasises that performing burlesque should be a fun adventure where you can play with makeup and fashion and have fun.

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5 of Dita Von Teese’s Best Tips
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