The pre-wedding bash is almost as important to Brides as the actual wedding day itself, so ensuring the bride to be is surrounded by her nearest & dearest celebrating the last girls night out as a single lady is a big deal. Over in the states they do things bigger & better (obvs) so brides-to-be will not only get a Bachelorette party, but a Bridal Shower too!

So what’s a Bridal Shower then?

Bridal showers are basically a gifting party that’s held for a bride before her wedding and is considered to be the prettiest way to kick off the wedding events. In the Victorian era, presents were offered in a parasol, that’s where the “shower” term comes from. Showering of gifts allowed a young woman to set up her future home and marry the man of her choice. Showers, like hen do’s are usually co-ordinated by the maid of honour or close friends. Modern bridal showers have come a long way since the victorian times, with a number of couples living together and setting up home before they wed, the contemporary Bridal Shower is less about getting a new toaster and more about toasting champagne with friends and family and having a good time. Bridal showers are seen as a celebration of life, love and friendship. It’s the perfect time to pamper the bride, ‘shower’ her with attention and treat her to lovely day as she moves into the next chapter in her life!


So what’s the big difference between Showers & Parties?

Bridal Showers are considered to be a much more sophisticated and relaxed affair (no flashing willie headbands, please.) A chance to invite all the women in the Bride-to-Be’s life to spend a few hours with her, playing silly Mr & Mrs games, imparting advice and wishing her well for the future. Bachelorette, or as we call them, Hen Parties are more unruly and lawless, with the sole aim to send the bride off into married bliss with one final night as a single lady out with her girls, cue L plates, shots & screaming ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ at the top of your lungs!

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British Girls Guide to Bridal Showers