As the Maid of Honour, one of your many duties may be to write a speech to say a special thank you to the couple for asking you to play an important role on their special day.  The speech should be light-hearted and have just the right amount of sentiment to allow for some oohs and aaahs! The guests will love to hear some funny stories about the bride; maybe some anecdotes of when you grew up together or a special milestone that you both shared… So the speech is written, but there’s just one problem. The thought of standing up in-front of a crowd scares the life out of you.

Here are our top tips to turn you into a Confident Public Speaker so you can nail your MOH speech!


Truly powerful public speaking starts with talking from the heart.
Audiences are enthralled by delicious, humble, genuine, and emotional public speaking experiences, so speak from the heart.

Get the audience laughing.
Opening with a joke always starts a speech off in the right direction. It immediately lightens the mood in the room and helps you relax. There is something about looking out in the audience and seeing smiling faces that helps create a bond.

As with most things in life, practise makes perfect, relay your speech to your mum, boyfriend or cat. Saying things out loud will also help you find parts of the speech that don’t flow well, or could be improved. Plus, this will also help you memorise your speech so you’re not reading it word for word from your cue cards.

A little bit of performance is good
Pick relevant people to look in the eyes. If you’re talking about the groom’s brother, then look at him! If you’re telling everybody the bride looks beautiful; show them. Gesture to her, even. You don’t have to bound around the stage, yelping, to get people’s attention, but you also won’t be interesting to watch simply standing still. These little touches can make the difference between a good speech and a great one.

Slow Down
Most people talk much too quickly when giving a Maid of Honor speech, so the first thing to do is slow down. It may feel painfully slow to you but you must give the guests listening a chance to take in what you’re saying.

How to be a Confident Public Speaker – MOH