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Planning a Wedding/Hen Party can be stressful. We know! We also know, you gotta stay positive. Here are 7 mantras you should definitely say to yourself in the mirror every morning, even when they don’t quite reflect how you’re feeling inside.

I will listen when my partner has opinions about the wedding.
“You think the bridesmaids should wear Orange and Blue? How about we pop that into the maybe pile?”


I will smile no matter what my future mother-in-law says.
“You really shouldn’t be looking at that dessert menu Sarah dear if you want to fit into your dress.”

I will stay on budget.
“Can someone explain to me why I’ve just spent £220 on flowers?”
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I will stay away from the self tan the day before the wedding.
We can photoshop on a tan surely?
giphy (1)
I love my dress. I love my dress. I love my dress.
Would it be wrong to say I love it more than my future husband?
giphy (2)
I will say “thank you” even if I get some weird off-registry gift.
Oh wow. A glass frog ornament. Isn’t it……lovely.
giphy (3)
I will find humour in the fact that my [mother/sister/bridesmaid] keeps sharing her unwanted opinions.
“You’re having a buffet? OH… well when me and your dad got married….” YES MOTHER I’M HAVING A BUFFET.
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I Can. I Will. 7 mantras you should stick by when planning your wedding
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