So you’ve been inspired by our cousins across the pond and want to throw a bridal shower? Maybe you’ve been drooling over gorgeous pinterest boards full of carefully constructed macaron towers, and sighing over beautifully decorated rooms. It’s all so pretty, but also intimidating, right? Who actually has the time to hand-write dozens of letterpress invitations, or spend hours recreating the mad hatter’s tea party in their living room?

Have no fear, intrepid bride(-smaid)! A bridal shower can be beautiful and not induce migraines in all involved; here’s our quick guide to simple bridal shower themes you can put together in hardly any time at all.


Colour Themes

So simple. Just pick a colour (or two!) and away you go! We’ve put together a little inspo board for mint and peach. Pink lemonade with mint leaves, pretty flowers in turquoise vases and some colour co-ordinated decorations set the scene (those fancy looking flower pom-poms are actually really easy to make – just look up tutorials online!). Then just add some little cakes iced in mint, maybe some biscuits if you have time, and gather the bride’s nearest and dearest.

Some other colour ways to consider; The bride’s favourite colour; White (or Cream) for the minimalist bride; Black and White (with perhaps a pop of Pink or Yellow) for a lover of bold, graphic designs; A riot of colour for those who like a fiesta!




This has been such a big wedding trend this year! Treat your bestie to the boho-inspired shower of her dreams, with minimal stress for you. This look seems pinterest-unattainable but can be pulled together fairly easily. Gather cushions, rugs and blankets (colourful is good, and they don’t have to match!) and strew them around your garden (or living room if it’s pouring it down). Add strings of fairy lights and candles, and lots of fresh flowers. Having a meal? Set out a low table – or a plank on some blocks; chairs don’t seem to enter into this style. Since eclectic is the name of the game it doesn’t matter if your plates don’t match, in fact a mish-mash of styles just adds to the look! If you have the room a side table made into a bar is a cute idea. Oh, and make sure all the girls are wearing flowy, 70s inspired outfits – lace, macrame and fringing is a must!



Tea Party

Quintessentially British! Think classic cakes, dainty finger sandwiches (no crusts allowed!) and bunting. Got a friend who collects crockery? Then you’re halfway there! Mismatched vintage china will go a long way to adding to the quaint feel. Set the table, instruct everyone to wear tea dresses and gather all the teapots you can muster. Since it’s a special occasion loose leaf tea and fresh flowers would be a good idea, and bring any lacy doilies you can lay your hands on.


Pretty Simple Bridal Shower Ideas
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