We saw this and thought of our lovely hens jetting all over the world. You may have learnt the basics: hello, thank you and a few numbers but you’d be forgiven for not knowing how to ask “Where can I fix my phone kind Sir?”. Well with this super T Shirt you can pretty much ask anything you want.

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A combination of hand signals and a few points on the T Shirt and you’re fluent. A T Shirt with icons on so that you can communicate essential terms in any country no matter the limitations of your language skills. It includes modes of transport, different terrain/locations, common insects and hazards, an icon that might help you get a bed for a night and so many more. With all limitless combinations you can really get by for even some complex needs.
Now we’re not saying that you shouldn’t have a stab at the local language but for the intrepid traveller it is not unreasonable to assume that you know how to get your motorbike to a garage and the nervous traveller alike could find a fast food favourite if not wishing to sample local cuisine. The makers of the SpeakTee have everything covered.
So how about fixing your phone then?
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Sorted! Now is the tap water safe to drink? Just one simple icon and a thumbs up and you’re thirst may be quenched.
So now you can wear your phrase book, why not check our Marbella deals and book some fun in the sun.
The SpeakTee That Allows You to Communicate In Any Language