A new wedding season is nearly upon us, so we thought we’d take a peek into what wedding stylists are loving this coming year. Here’s a whistle stop tour of the top wedding trends of 2016!


1. Birds of a Feather

In the dress department it’s all abut texture, and feathers are the hot new thing for 2016. 3-D appliques and glitzy jewels also make the cut, but it’s feathers everyone’s talking about; soft, delicate and feminine they are a bridal designer’s dream come true. Whether you nod to the trend with a feathered headpiece or go all out in a floor length ballgown you’re sure to make an impact.


2. Backless Dresses

In 2015 dress designers began to focus on the ‘rear view’ of a wedding dress – something to wow guests as you stand with your beau at the front of the ceremony. Then this meant button-up backs and pretty lace detailing, but in 2016 the trend is set to go bolder with backless wedding dresses taking centre stage with plunging cowl-backs and illusion dresses.


3. All that Glitters

Metallics are officially in, particularly the warmer tones; think gold, copper and rose gold. Supremely versatile they can be incorporated into any style of wedding, whether it’s gold touches for a swanky cocktail do or pretty copper finishings at a rustic country affair.


4. Painted Cakes

Whilst the watercolour trend is still going strong on the bridal catwalks it’s now being applied to cakes. Instead of mounds of sugar work how about a fresher (and incredibly pretty) alternative; painted cakes! We think they look absolutely gorgeous, for a clean and delicate, modern look.


5. Colour schemes

Whilst these depend very much on the season of the wedding, in general people are going much bolder with their wedding colour schemes. We’re seeing deeper jewel tones all year round, alongside bright pops of colour. Whilst the standbys of ivory, grey and pink are popular for a reason couples are often choosing to intermix them with richer colours to bring romance and drama to their celebration. We say; if you love it, go for it!


6. A Family Affair

The traditional sit-down meal is on the wane. In it’s place, however is the family-style meal; food is put on the tables in serving bowls for guests to help themselves to. It’s part of the leaning towards more relaxed weddings, and we love it. Passing round bowls of delicious food helps really adds to the joyous and friendly atmosphere, and the informality helps guests to loosen up and get to know one another.


7. Colourful tableware

‘Tablescaping’ is all the rage at the moment (until this morning we didn’t realise┬áthat was a word either!) and colourful and embellished glassware is making a splash. Don’t let the textiles have all the fun! Whether you’re going for sunny and colourful, beachy and boho or elegant and refined there’s something for everyone.


8. Fabulous Photos

Couples are wanting their wedding photos to really tell the story of their big day, and this is reflected in the requests they put in to photographers. There’s a definite push-back against formal, staged shots (although these are nice to have and give to the grandparents!), with the emphasis instead on capturing the intimate moments that make the day special. Think shots of the bride putting on her earrings, pictures of her dad seeing the dress for the first time, a parent wiping away tears or informal pictures of everyone rocking out on the dancefloor!


9. Similar, but Different

This one’s a favourite here at Spicy HQ – bridesmaids in mismatched dresses! Again, it’s part of the bigger trend of a more informal style of wedding, but it also means that each girl gets to choose something that reflects here (and that she feels comfortable in) rather than getting stuffed into something she’ll never wear again. It’s important to co-ordinate this process, though. Either go shopping all together or give your bridesmaids swatches of colour to match (or a style you have in mind).

Top 2016 Wedding Trends
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